Cooling off

Friday, 31 August 2018 17:40
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The heat's broken, at least for a little while, and it looks like this weekend will be a nice one. n goes back to school this Tuesday so we're packing in as much lazing about as we can. I still failed to go to the beach this summer. Maybe I'll slip away while he's in school or something. I miss the lake and the sand and everything but my anxiety makes it hard to take the bus there. Especially when I've got a non-swimming kid to keep track of.


Monday, 27 August 2018 12:31
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Much of August was suspiciously mild so I was braced for some aggressively hot weather and we're in the middle of a three day span of heat warnings. Just have to slog it out until Wednesday, which will see a 20 degree drop in temperature. I'm really looking forward to fall. I am not and have never been a summer person but the older I get the less I can stand the heat and the humidity.

It doesn't help that yesterday we spent 2 hours in a church, the first hour of which was not air conditioned, holding beeswax candles. I sweated all over the place and had wax melt all over my fingers... and all over the front of my dress, much of the dress melt blown there when the AC was finally turned on.

Camped out in front of AC window unit now and it can't quite keep up with the heat, losing a battle against humidity. I'm clammy.

Books And Reading

Wednesday, 22 August 2018 19:41
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I'm reading "Eden's Outcasts" about Bronson and Louisa Alcott right now and wow Bronson doesn't come across well even though the author seems to really think he's neat.

Missing a day

Sunday, 19 August 2018 21:44
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I was feeling sick yesterday so N took n to the Field Museum to check out the new dinosaur configurations. I spent most of the day asleep (the bulk of the day), crocheting in, or reading a ridiculous book called "The Au Pair" which hinges entirely on the author not telling the reader that said Au Pair was pregnant, and also that women can successfully give birth quickly with few contractions. Despite this, I knew the Au Pair would get pregnant the first time she has sex with a dude because that's the kind of book it is.

I need to post a review of it, and of "Two Girls Down" which is a thriller that is a successful story and, thankfully, doesn't include the PoV of the girls who've been abducted. That stuff stresses me out hugely.

Clean Teeth

Friday, 17 August 2018 18:37
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I got my teeth cleaned today and now my gums hurt a lot. The dental hygienist gave me props for good brushing but took points away for bad flossing. The thing is, I know I should floss. And on good days I floss twice a day and also use a water pik (I have 2 bridges and several crowns, I don't want to lose them or get more work done). But on bad days, which I have frequently, I can't. I'm bipolar II and sometimes life is just overwhelming. I can brush at best and even that's sometimes a struggle. This wonky brain of mine is a trial.
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I need to go to the library today because I have holds that are about to be sent back, and I want to go to the library today because it's Lego Club and Nikola loves that. But it's also supposed to thunderstorm at exactly the time we're leaving and carry on through the night.

It was also supposed to thunderstorm this morning and as far as I know it didn't, so maybe the afternoon storm will pass us by as well. But my head hurts so I think we're going to get the storm.

Times like this I really wish we had access to a car. I'm not taking a Lyft for a half mile even if I could afford it, though. But with this heat and the air quality we might take the bus.
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Alex Jones Banned from Vimeo

Vimeo’s ban follows decisions by Facebook, Apple, Spotify, and YouTube to ban or at least suspend Jones from using their services to spread his conspiracy theories and hateful rhetoric.

One service that continues to allow Jones full access, however, is Twitter.
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I live with Hidradenditis Supperative, which is an immune system related skin disorder where your body just goes "hey, you know what'd be fun? Sprouting abscesses in erogenous zones!" and then you have to live with that from puberty until death.

I'm going on humira for it but haven't started yet.

My dermatologist put me on antibiotics for some active sites, then called me today to say that it's the wrong antibiotics based on swabs they took. So I'm waiting for the right antibiotic prescription to be filled.

But hand to god the stuff they've got me on has stirred up a bunch of tender but inactive sites and now they're coming to a head and I have pain instead of tenderness. Which is fun. I'm hoping the new antibiotic takes care of them, as well as the previously active lesions

But honestly I don't have high hopes. Antibiotics don't do much for HS unless the abscess/lesion is infected by outside bacteria (which my active draining lesions are, hence the swab results). They aren't infections in an of themselves. They're the body overreacting to something and sprouting an abscess with nothing in it but dead white blood cells (pus) but no bacteria. So we'll see what happens.

At least it'll take care of the active lesions? I hope? Maybe?
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I haven't updated in a while, but I have a blog of microfiction about Chicago.

Secret Chicago
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The Latest And Greatest In Deflections And Dog Whistles - What About Chicago? by Mikki Kendall.

What would the shooting rate look like if we made sure that we funded not only schools but also community programs and health clinics? What if we made safety accessible to everyone? Right now, the only answers we’re hearing from the right are “thoughts and prayers” and pretending that a “good guy with a gun” could have saved someone, followed closely by “what about Chicago?” We ignore the part where getting caught in the crossfire can kill you, where shootings are a near-daily occurrence because we don’t want to admit that gun violence is a public health crisis in America.

Mikki knocks it out of the park again.
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Why is "Good Morning" so friendly while "Good Afternoon" so formal? I asked a friend that and she had thoughts.

"i think it's because we say "good morning" as like a "hello this is the first i've seen you today!" it's like welcome to the new day! but we don't say good afternoon and good evening because we're just over greeting people in that way by then.

"you get a good morning first thing and a good night at the end. everything else is uncommon so it seems formal because you only see it in old movies.

"we don't greet people as much in american culture as say... the french. we think the french are rude but actually they think we're extremely rude because we don't go around saying "bonjour" to literally every fucking person we see, including each individual in an elevator.

"we prefer partings like "thank you" and "have a nice day" after having established an interaction. otherwise we find it bothersome and distracting when people are constantly greeting each other. we think it means they want something."

She's right about most things so I assume she's right about this too.

Meanwhile, I'm going to stick to using "Hey! How's it going?" after 12:00 noon.
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"If it were up to me I'd be back at my dumb anime convention. If it were up to them they'd murder my family."

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A thread about unpaid domestic labor

kid free

Sunday, 12 August 2018 14:15
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We're kid free this weekend because N's sister and brother are taking Little N to Wisconsin Dells. N spent alllll of yesterday helping his dad take care of a property but today it's just the two of us. So we're spending an exciting day... catching up on the DVR. Adulthood!

Monster Kind

Saturday, 11 August 2018 17:06
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Monsterkind is a pretty interesting and visually cute comic about beings who are called "monsters," and humans. The focus is on the monsters and how they deal with the human social worker who moves into their territory, and the other humans they interact with... willingly or not. It's on hiatus right now which means you have ample time to check out the archives.
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Heather Heyer's mother discusses her daughter

"CHARLOTTESVILLE, Virginia—Heather Heyer’s ashes are interred in a safe place, says her mother Susan Bro, at an unmarked, undisclosed, “completely protected” location.

This site cannot be publicly known because of all those extremists who profess their hatred for Heyer and Bro, and who convey their continued threats of violence toward Bro and others of Heyer’s family. The location is also secret to protect those who work there, says Bro. "



Impact of smoke from California’s wildfires spreads across the country

Startling satellite images have been released showing just how far the smoke from California’s numerous wildfires is spreading. The smoke has traveled 3,000 miles across the country, covering areas as far as New York City. And the wind may carry the toxic particles even farther east than that.

“The hotter a fire burns, the higher up smoke can go, and the farther it can spread,” explained Amber Soja, an atmospheric scientist with the National Institute of Aerospace who is based at NASA’s Langley Research Center. The fire season now runs almost year-round, with 2018 already worse than previous seasons.



Trump's Public Charge Rule Threatens Disabled Immigrants Health & Safety

"This is just the beginning. The proposed changes would exclude from permanent residence eligibility any person with “any medical condition” who is also enrolled in government-subsidized health insurance, creating a dangerous Catch-22 for the disability community. Individuals who choose to report on their green card applications that they can’t afford health insurance without a subsidy would fail the public-charge test, but failing to report at all would leave disabled immigrants without health insurance—perpetuating a vicious cycle of stigmatization and neglect at the national level. The impossible choice is even greater for immigrant parents with disabilities, including those who have children who are citizens. Parents in this situation would be forced to decide between enrolling their children in health care programs that lawmakers have made them eligible for and thereby failing Trump’s test themselves, or instead opting out of potentially lifesaving medical services to keep their family together."


The Ku Klux Klan and media debate

"So newspapers looked back and they saw their Pulitzer prize-winning investigations and they ignored the fact that coverage had in fact grown the Klan’s membership.

"Yes. There is very little historical awareness of the reality of the relationship between the Klan and the press, which was really a relationship of mutual exploitation, more than anything."

This sounds familiar


More police brutality in Portland, OR

""The repeated use of excessive force, and the targeting of demonstrators based on political beliefs, are a danger to the First Amendment rights of all people."

"But Anthony remains unbowed. The head injury won't deter him from returning to the streets, he said.

"The fight against white supremacy is an ongoing battle," he said. "I'm going to be there until it ends.""



Might post more later

Hello Again

Saturday, 11 August 2018 15:48
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I'm trying to use Twitter less, so I'm giving dreamwidth a shot again.

I should also link to my book reviews here.

One thing I'm planning on doing is 31 days of horror again... an attempt to watch & review 31 horror movies, one for every day in October. I haven't succeeded yet despite trying for several years! Link me to horror movies you like, especially if they're available on netflix.
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Mirrored from Words, words, words, art..

I’m sure you’re interested in more hot takes on my ass and preparing for a pilonidal surgery but instead I’m going to talk about “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.” Obviously there will be spoilers.

There is a problem with people of a certain age writing about Star Wars. For many of us, there is no time before Star Wars, no time we don’t remember having seen it. It’s sunk deep into our bones, soaked into our souls, flavoring the stories we’ve told ourselves and the play we’ve shared with others. So when a Star Wars movie or tv show or book comes out, it’s hard to separate our sense of self from what we’re consuming. It’s hard to accurately judge the product because there’s so much established emotion, context, hope, love, and projection going on. There are high standards to meet, but enough love and good will that a mediocre product can still be lofted up as long as it hits the right notes. The Prequels didn’t hit the right notes, for a number of reasons.

“Star Wars: Rebels” does hit the right notes, albeit on a smaller and more intimate scale. Please read more behind the cut.

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Mirrored from Words, words, words, art..

I had surgery on my butt in August and I’m going to tell you ALL ABOUT IT in a series of posts because apparently what I do on the internet is talk about my ass. Which has resulted in a bunch of really interesting twitter bots following me. Lord help me when I try to get a job and they do a google search on me or something. Anyway. Pilonidal Cysts.

I have a cystic skin condition unrelated to Pilonidal Disease, so when I had gross oozing, bleeding, swelling, and pain at the base of my tailbone/ass I assumed it was just my skin being awful and trying to kill me. I’ve lived with this for LITERALLY twenty years. TWO DECADES. I was aware of what Pilonidal Cysts are, but what are the chances that I’d have hidradenitis suppurativa AND pilonidal disease? IT IS TO LAUGH. Of COURSE I’d have both! I mentioned my butt issues to my general practitioner who said “Hm, that sounds like a pilonidal cyst, pull your pants down” and I did and mooned her and she said “yup that’s a Pilonidal Cyst here’s a referral to a surgeon.”

I foolishly assumed the surgeon could like… lance it in his office and that’d be it. OH LOR. NO. It involves actual knock-you-out surgery and I’m going to talk about that in a later post. But right now I’m going to talk about what a pilonidal cyst is.

There’s a lot of misconceptions about Pilonidal Cysts/Pilonidal Disease and what causes it. The general idea most people have of Pilonidal Disease is that it’s caused by fat hairy gross dudes who sit around too much in a slouched position while playing computer games and jerking off. It’s OBVIOUSLY caused by ingrown hairs, poor hygiene, improper seating posture, etc.

Actually, according to my surgeon, it’s not! It is, I believe, related to Spina Bifida. When the fetus is forming you have the neural tube that eventually closes to form the spinal column. Sometimes it doesn’t close completely and a little pocket or closed tube is formed. Either you’re born with it or you’re not. If you’re born with it, either a hair grows into it or not. If a hair grows into it, either it gets infected or it doesn’t. If it gets infected either it comes to a head on its own and drains (like mine did, continuously for twenty years) or it just swells up and is horrific. It’s entirely chance. There’s nothing a person can do to cause or prevent it. Lancing, antibiotics, etc don’t really affect it. Even if you can get it into remission, it’ll come back. The surgeon I saw stressed that it’s something he sees all the time in men, in women, in thin people, in fat people, in hairy people, in not hairy people, in active people, in sedentary people. It’s just a thing that happens. And it can be treated.

The surgeon I saw removes the entire Pilonidal Sinus in out patient surgery and then stitches it all up. He does not pack the surgical site unless the stitches fail, which I appreciate, as I didn’t want to deal with packing. It took me about 3 weeks before I could sit again (I basically spent two weeks doing nothing but lying in bed, which actually is awful.) In my next post I’ll talk about how to prepare for surgery, and what happened with my surgery.

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