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Birthdate:Feb 25
Location:Chicago, Illinois, United States of America
I haven't ported over my LJ archives here and I don't know if I will. You can read through old stuff at OR at, although I never ported old LJ stuff to wordpress either; just jumped right in.

I might as well take the time to introduce myself to the new people I'll meet here.

My name is Brigid and I'm inordinately thrilled that I was able to reserve my actual name here. I was born in 1979 which, as of this posting, makes me 30. I have a son who is slightly over a month old and I've been married to my husband for slightly more than a year although we've been living together for five years and dating for over ten years. I write and I draw but don't show the public the vast majority of what I produce, and I have problems finishing what I start. I blog about my mundane life; about role playing and board games and general nerdery; sometimes about current events, politics, and feminism; sometimes about mental illness and depression; and I post reviews of books and web comics.

I'm dyslexic but not very so. If you can't figure out what a word is meant to be or can't work your way out of a particularly complex and thorny sentence I write, that's why. I have some sensory integration issues, a terrible sense of direction (terrible!), an increasingly poor memory, and numbers-related synesthesia. I live in Chicago and adore it, and though my husband has a car I don't and I don't have a driver's license although this may eventually change. I use public transit to get around and really love and appreciate having access to it. I'm something of a night person, although my schedule has always been dictated by the needs of others (school, job, baby).

I swing wildly between being overly blunt and inappropriate to being overly polite and trying-not-to-offend. I cuss. A lot. I love the water. I love reading. I love cooking and baking. I love entertaining people. I love telling stories, with the caveat that any story I tell is about 50% made up or exaggerated for effect.

Quoting/linking policy:
This has come up a few times. People have asked if they can quote me in personal blog posts, in communities, metaquotes, whatever. The answer is yes, as long as it's a public post... and most of my posts are public. Please provide a link back to where you got it from (my journal/blog, the community it was posted in, etc). If it's a locked post, I ask that you contact me first.
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